The Ultimate Guide To Renting A Villa In Malta

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Do you want to have a really extraordinary vacation in Malta? One that’s going to allow you to enjoy a lot and relax the most so that you can rejuvenate and free yourself from all of the stress that you’ve been having at home and at work? Then, you need to get yourself a villa in Malta during your trip.

Renting a villa in Malta for your vacation will offer you a lot of great benefits aside from the awesome amenities that the place you’re going to stay in can offer. By renting a villa, you can benefit from having complimentary airport transfers as well as optional deals for 7-day car rentals for very affordable prices. On top of that, you can also choose to get a villa in one of the best tourist hotspots and villages on the island including Mellieha, Mgarr, St. Julian’s, Golden Bay, Zejtun, Marsascala, Naxxar, Valletta capital city or Marsaxlokk.

If you want to get a rental villa for your trip, then you need to know that holiday villas in Malta tend to get pre-booked fairly quickly especially during the summer months. Because of this, you want to plan your trip ahead of time so that you can book your reservation in advance as well.

Know The Dates Of Your Trip

Before you decide which villa to get, you first need to know the exact dates of your trip as well as the list of places that you want to visit in Malta. Knowing these things beforehand, will help you create a good itinerary. From that, you’ll know the best location in Malta where you need to look for a villa for rent.

Do Some Browsing Around Online

Most vacation rentals nowadays are already being advertised online so it would be best for you to do some shopping around on the internet. This will help you save a lot of time compared to doing manual phone calls especially if you’re going to do long distance calls as they’ll cost you a lot of money. On top of that, most companies that offer villas for rent offer great discounts to people who decide to book their reservations weeks or months before the actual dates of their trip.

Always Try To Negotiate

Keep in mind that the cost of almost every single vacation villa rental is negotiable including the deposit you need to give ahead of time. Negotiating can help you save some extra cash, which you can use for other things during your trip such as bus tours, night outs, and meals.

Ask About Housekeeping

Some vacation rental properties have a cleaning service come over on the last day of your stay and the cost of that is going to added onto your bill. Other tenants have cleaners come over every now and then so that you don’t have to worry about doing the cleaning on your own. Make sure you ask about the cleaning schedule and who’s going to be responsible for paying them. Lastly, ask what type of condition the property must be in so that you can be fully refunded of your deposit.